Meadow Park School – A place to “Thrive Together”.

We are a school with a very exciting future – but no one is shying away from the fact that our school has had a challenging few years. Every aspect of life at our school has been considered and reviewed to ensure we are doing all that we can for our brilliant students.

We were delighted that the recent examination results showed that we are amongst the most improved schools in Coventry – but that is just the start of the journey.

We have already significantly developed our behaviour system, our curriculum is evolving and we will shortly be offering a very exciting new programme of after school activities and opportunities.

You will also see from our website that we completely redesigned our vision and identity. Our school motto has, for example, changed to reflect our unwavering focus on nurturing excellence and growing aspiration. Ultimately we will thrive as a community. 

That being said, we don’t want to forget our past. Whitley means “white meadow” – which has inspired both the new name and logo. The logo also includes a reference to Whitley’s manufacturing heritage, and we have added the three spires that we can see from part of our school and are such an iconic part of our city.

So please do come and visit our school and find out more about us. Meadow Park School strives to achieve excellent outcomes for young people, but also provides opportunities for them to be creative, innovative and to enjoy their learning.

Our students develop into responsible young adults with high self-esteem and the skills and competences to equip them for success in the future.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Mrs B Pettman, Headteacher

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At Meadow Park School, we are committed to:

  • Nurturing excellence
  • Growing aspiration
  • Thriving together