Meadow Park School endeavours to prepare students for the future. Our Year 11 resources section is designed to support students and parents with exam revision materials and home learning tasks.

Note: For individual subject resources see relevant subject curriculum website pages.

Year 10 and 11 Intervention Information

‘Intervention’ is extra support provided to students outside the regular classroom setting. This can either be provided on a 1-1 basis or as group support.

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During Year 11 we begin preparation for the final examinations (held in May and June) by practising in a series of Pre-Public Exams or ‘mocks’ usually held in November, January, and March. To best support your child through this important and potentially stressful period, we provide a few support and information events to which you will be invited.

We subscribe to several revision sites to ensure our students have access to quality revision materials.

PIXL Independence


Exam Preparation

To ensure that our Year 11 students are prepared for their ‘mock’ exams we ensure they mirror the actual exams in the summer as closely as we possibly can. To provide support and guidance for your child in the weeks before these exams, we will be reminding them in assemblies about how to revise and prepare for the examination period.

As part of this process, we will be providing students with revision timetable templates so that they can ensure that they are fully prepared to perform in the exams. A solid revision timetable not only guarantees students cover everything they need to, in time for the exam; but it also breaks everything down into more manageable chunks. See below for a range of revision timetable options.

Purchase a revision booklet

All year 11 can purchase a subsidised revision guide for Maths (higher and foundation) and Science (Biology/chemistry/physics) for £2 each. Please have a look at the publisher’s website for details and contact Mr Cremin should you wish to purchase any directly from the school.

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