At Meadow Park School we detail out our day-to-day expectations in a series of detailed policy statements. These are called Statements of Strategic Intent. They act as a reference point when we need to check that what we are doing is the right thing.

These policies are applied to many areas of work such as Behaviour, Equal Opportunities and Teaching and Learning. We write a Statement of Intent that describes what we intend to do in terms of our attitudes and values, our curriculum planning and day to day organisation.

We make it very clear about exactly what we do so we can be held to account by all our stakeholders.

Our key statements of strategic intent can be seen through the link below (see downloads link). The rest are available on request.

What we hope to achieve

  • To develop fully the skills, capabilities, talents, and intellectual potential of all in the school community.
  • To analyse and remove known barriers to learning for all students.
  • To ensure that all in the school community develop a set of personal values based on honesty and trust, tolerance, understanding, caring and respect for others.
  • To ensure that all in the school community develop interpersonal skills, flexibility of attitude, enterprise, and self-sufficiency to enable them to relate successfully to their peers, adults and the wider community.
  • To ensure that all members of the school community are prepared for the future stages of their lives.
  • To ensure parents and friends of the school feel they have a role to play in the achievement of our aims and can influence and contribute to the development of the school.
  • To involve the community in the life of the school.

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