1. Above Expectations
AttitudeSustained and consistent positive approach and attitude to learning
Demonstrates personal motivation to succeed
Actively seeks and acts on teacher feedback
Integrates relevant personal reading, interests and research with school work
EffortWorks independently
Answers clearly and confidently and asks questions to extend knowledge
Actively prepares for and engages with the learning
Completes all lesson tasks and activities
OrganisationIn addition to meeting the criteria for ‘meeting expectations’:
Seeks out ways to study and learn efficiently
HomeworkHomework is always produced to a high standard in line with ability
Homework is always delivered on time
2. Meeting Expectations
AttitudeAll aspects of the learning process are positive
Demonstrates a positive approach to learning
Accepts teacher feedback and acts on it
Takes responsibility for some aspects of
EffortWorks mostly independently
Answers questions when asked and occasionally asks questions
Actively takes part in lessons
Completes lesson tasks
OrganisationAlways brings correct equipment and books to the lesson
Work displayed clearly and neatly demonstrating a good standard of care
HomeworkMost homework is completed successfully and to a good standard
Most homework is handed in on time
3. Opportunities for Improvement
AttitudePartially engaged in school and their learning
Does not always participate actively in the learning
Does not always act on teacher feedback
Could engage in their learning by asking more questions to clarify or answering questions
EffortApplies effort inconsistently depending on level of challenge or interest
Occasionally answers questions when asked, rarely asks questions
Not always focused in class
Does not complete enough work in the time set
OrganisationDoes not always have the required equipment and books for the lesson
Work displays poor layout and standard of care
HomeworkHomework is often of poor quality
Homework is often late or incomplete
4. Below Expectations
AttitudeDisplays a poor attitude to lessons or school
Negative behaviours that are barriers to learning and improvement
Rarely acts on teacher feedback
Does not take responsibility for their own learning
EffortMakes little effort or requires supervision to complete work
Asks irrelevant questions to divert the lesson
Distracts or undermines the work of the class
Regularly fails to complete set tasks in class
OrganisationOften loses books or cannot locate them for subsequent continuing lessons
Lacks pride in the presentation of work
HomeworkFails to attempt or complete homework
When done, homework is of a poor quality