Students from Meadow Park School are celebrating a pleasing set of results which has seen many students secure the outcomes they need to access the next stage of their education or employment. 

Bernadette Pettman, Headteacher, said: “Our students have done incredibly well, particularly given the Covid-related challenges they have faced throughout their secondary education.

“What I take a great deal of pride in, however, is that there is a real culture here where students go on to careers where they support those around them. We have got a high number going on to nursing, psychology and sports and healthcare – courses they could only access as we have an impressive number of distinctions among the grades achieved.

“What is most exciting is that this is the last cohort of students to access our post-16 offer in its current form. Their talents and experiences have led us to reshape our Sixth Form offer for September onwards, and we will be providing something very different and distinct that is focused on health and social care and business and enterprise. 

“That is why the Class of 2023 achievements have created a real legacy at the school. Not only will they go on to make a very positive impact in their communities, but they have also led the way for the students who will follow them at Meadow Park.

“We wish them the very best for their futures.”