The intent of Performing Arts at Meadow Park School is to develop student’s confidence and creativity. We aim to make Performing Arts accessible to all students both in and outside of the classroom. Our intention is to provide cultural experiences within the Arts. The curriculum focuses on building transferable skills that can be used in a variety of contexts in their future. These skills include cooperation and negotiation within groups, articulation of feelings and opinions and the evaluation of other’s work.


  • Through the practical exploration of student’s emotions, relationships, and the wider society, we aim to develop student’s confidence and creativity.
  • Our experienced drama specialists deliver engaging and exciting lessons that inspire students to participate in an active learning environment.
  • Lessons will explore careers in the Creative Arts industry by allowing students to work in key job roles within their group such as director, actor, and set/costume designer.
  • Assessments are meaningful and implemented at the end of each topic explored to gain a true reflection on a student’s development of skills and technique.

The curriculum is constantly quality assured and improved upon to ensure the learning is fun, engaging and challenging for all.


The Performing Arts department aims to have a positive impact on the outcomes all students. We are aware that the impact of our curriculum can differ from one student to the next and can be measured through their level of confidence skills, acting ability, the ability to work in a team and/or their ability to listen and direct. The impact of the curriculum can also be measured in a variety of ways such as: Uptake of Performing Arts at GCSE level, student engagement, student voice and analysis of data.