We have been delighted with how our new values and expectations have been adopted across the school, and how they are helping to shape a new culture at Meadow Park.

The next stage of this process is for us to look at our uniform – which is now outdated and is causing us some issues. While this is a step that is much needed, we are also deeply conscious of the fact that times are difficult financially. That is why, in considering changing the uniform, we have committed to five core principles. These are:

  • We will ensure that we have very few branded items. We are proposing the total of two branded items, the Coventry wide average is five branded items
  • We will work with a range of suppliers to ensure that all costs are kept to a minimum, but that the uniform is of the right quality
  • Costs for items will be very competitively priced when compared to our existing uniform
  • Will look to work with families who would find this additional cost a barrier to their child coming to school to ensure that there is support in place
  • We will keep sports kit to a minimum, and the school will provide a kit for competitive sports fixtures

It is our hope that we will bring in a new set of uniform for September 2023. Our proposal is that this will include:

School uniform (branded)
– Green blazer with Meadow Park School logo
– Green and grey tie, with contrast House colour stripe
PE Kit:
– Plain black polo shirt
– Plain black shorts
– Plain black leggings (opaque)
– Plain black socks
School uniform (non-branded)
– Plain grey (specific shade) trousers
– Plain grey (specific shade) pleated skirt
There will be an optional branded item for PE:
– PE Meadow Park School fleece

We will also work with students to look at donating old uniform to a charity that supports schools abroad.

This is, however, an important decision and one that we should make as a community. We have created an online survey for our community to review images of the uniform so you can share your thoughts about how it looks, as well as let us know your views about the plans outlined above.

Please see the link below to register your views on the proposed school uniform.

Deadline for survey responses is Monday 21 November 2022.