The mathematics department aims to deliver excellent mathematical provision for all pupils by addressing individual needs.


We aim to deliver a well-balanced and thought-provoking curriculum, high in challenge, questioning and reasoning throughout the key stages, and guided by exam specifications in KS4 and 5.

We aim to promote independence and resilience in our lessons, allowing time for students to discuss problems and work through them together, to a point where they either they complete the task, or feel that they can go no further. At that point, we aim to use questioning to further enable students to progress independently.

We aim to give students clear examples of how to work through questions in each topic, so they can use them as a template to work independently to find the solutions to similar questions.  Through questioning, we look for students to manipulate the examples they are given and apply them to more complicated problems.


  • A wide variety of interesting, fun, and compelling learning activities.
  • Reasoning questions are embedded into the schemes of work in KS3 so that it is clear to what level teachers should be taking discussion and learning to in their classrooms
  • Topics are revisited and expanded upon over the course of KS3/4A robust and regular assessment structure every half term is used to help students reflect on their previous learning and knowledge.
  • Systematic quality assurance approach to ensure the maximum impact of student knowledge and progress.
  • We emphasise that accurate maths vocabulary is paramount to successful maths teaching, and therefore learner’s progression.


We have a well-structured curriculum which has been developed so that the common assessments at each half term is up to the rigour of the written SOL, and that our data predictions for students are always some of the most accurate in the school.

Maths is regularly picked out by students as a subject which offers them structure and consistency, as they know what is going, how they are going to progress, and what they need to do to succeed.

Uptake of maths at A level is strong, given the positive relationships, students have built with the senior maths staff of KS3/4.