As part of the IT curriculum, pupils at Meadow Park School are taught a range of computing skills. Business Studies gives you the opportunity to learn about the many areas of business and how these are applied in real-life situations. You will be able study how small, national, and international businesses are operated and explore the basics of starting up a new business venture. You will also gain a good understanding of enterprise, human resources, marketing, and finance. Choose Business Studies as an option and you will have the chance to develop business skills in a vocational context that you can apply to any career.


IT at KS3
At KS3, each unit covers specific IT or computing skills. For example, in Y7, the ‘Game On’ unit which introduces programming using Scratch and the ‘Animal Rescue’ unit, which teaches spreadsheet skills.
In all Key Stages, pupils are taught to use different software applications which range from design and development applications to office applications.

Students currently choosing IT at KS4 study the Edexcel CiDA course. This is a vocational course which requires two units to be studied.

  • Unit 1 – Developing Web products – 25% of final grade
  • Unit 3 – Artwork and Imaging – 75% of final grade
  • Unit 1 is an examined unit.
  • Pupils are given a scenario and will be asked to create a website. To prepare pupils for this, they are taught web design skills, which pupils then practice using past exam papers.
  • Unit 3 – is a coursework based controlled assessment.
    Pupils are given a project brief and will need to create different artwork and images based around the scenario. These are internally assessed and then externally moderated by an examiner.

BTEC Level 3 IT

Year 1
Unit 2 – Creating Systems to Manage Information
This is an advanced database unit whereby students will learn to normalise tables of data and design a usable Entity Relationship Diagram, from the students are then taught to create a working database with usable interfaces and advanced queries and reports.

Unit 3 – Using social media in Business
In this unit students are taught how businesses use social media to help promote themselves. They also learn to create social media profiles for a business and then use those social media pages to promote the business.

Year 2
Unit 1 – Information Technology Systems
This is a theoretical unit. In this unit students are taught about different types of technologies online and offline, they are then taught how these are used by businesses, individuals, and groups of people.

Unit 6 – Website Development
In this unit student are taught about website design and good practice. They are then taught to code a website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Year 7 IT Overview
Year 8 IT Overview
Year 9 IT Overview
Year 10 IT Overview
Year 11 IT Overview
IT Learning Journey

Business Studies


  • Know and understand business concepts, business terminology, business objectives, the integrated nature of business activity and the impact of business on individuals and wider society
  • Apply knowledge and understanding to contemporary business issues and to different types and sizes of businesses in local, national, and global contexts
  • Develop as enterprising individuals with the ability to think commercially and creatively to demonstrate business acumen, and draw on evidence to make informed business decisions and solve business problems
  • To equip students with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to develop their employability and identify business problems and opportunities.


  • Detailed and thorough curriculum planning lies at the heart of what we do in the business department. We aim committed to responsive teaching and medium and long-term development of business schemes of work.
  • We use all available resources and teaching strategies to ensure that students have a comprehensive knowledge of the specifications and are capable of going beyond what is taught in lessons.
  • Techniques to help develop long-term memory and help students master subject content are embedded in the curriculum.
  • These are focussed on embedding challenge, metacognition, memory techniques, numeracy, and literacy into our departmental curriculum.
  • We also implement our curriculum through using a variety of teaching strategies and kinaesthetic tasks as well as more traditional skills practice. I make full use of the Microsoft applications for education and all students use this to access the departmental resources both in lessons for coursework and remotely.


  • We know our curriculum is working in the business studies department as coursework and external examination results are consistently in line with national average and working to exceed it from 2021.
  • The quality of teaching and learning in Business has been praised during learning walks by both external and internal observers.
  • The number of students choosing to study Post 16 Business are very high and several of our students go on to study the subjects further at university.
  • More importantly, students frequently express their enjoyment of Business, the quality of teaching they have received and their appreciation of the knowledge and study skills they have gained from the department.

Year 10 Business Overview
Year 11 Business Overview
BTEC Business Learning Journey