We offer French and Spanish across KS3 and KS4; with KS5 French currently run at a local consortium school. We have a variety of resources available for both languages which cover all of the required skill areas.

Intent The MFL curriculum in Meadow Park School provides students with the ability to communicate and interact in a foreign language in a variety of contexts. The curriculum explores cultural aspects of the language. It also aims to apply problem solving skills when coping with the “unknown”. Ultimately, in MFL, students will improve their confidence as individuals, challenge themselves and develop their understanding of the world.


  • We offer a wide variety of activities that challenge the four main skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking
  • Each scheme of work and lesson is designed to draw upon previous learning in order to progress further
  • A robust collection of lessons using responsive teaching and regular assessments to help students reflect
  • Systematic quality assurance approach to ensure the maximum impact of student knowledge and progress


The impact of the curriculum is measured in a wide variety of ways that include:

  1. Uptake of MFL at GCSE, A level
  2. Student engagement in lessons and extra-curricular opportunities
  3. Analysis of data including attendance, behaviour, and destinations
  4. Implementation of A Level classes at Meadow Park School