The intent of art at Meadow Park School is to provide students with an exciting, inspiring, and varied curriculum.

We aim to make art accessible to all students both inside and outside of the curriculum.
We aim to inspire a passion for art in many disciplines and introduce a wide range of artists
We develop student’s critical thinking skills and other transferable skills such as problem solving.

A wide variety of interesting lessons are delivered. These build on students’ knowledge and understanding in art. Through different projects, students will explore, experiment, record and present their creative ideas. They will develop their skills in a variety of dry media such as pencil, pastel, and charcoal. Develop skills with wet media such as watercolour, acrylic paint, and different types of printing. Experiment with different disciplines such as textiles, clay, and photography. Students will be introduced to a wide range of different artists to inspire and engage their ideas. Students will also learn about the creative industries and different career paths. We display student’s artwork across the school and have an exhibition of work at the end of every year.

The impact of the curriculum can also be measured in a variety of ways such as uptake of Art and Photography at GCSE and A level and beyond, student engagement, student engagement in lessons and work produced, student voice and analysis of data.

Year 7 Art Overview (Animals)

Year 7 Art Overview (Food)

Year 8 Art Overview (Portraiture)

Year 8 Art Overview (Architecture)

Year 9 Art Overview (Cultural Issues)

Year 10 Art Overview

Year 11 Art Overview

Art Learning Journey